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Industriestrasse 20

28199 Bremen, Germany

Mobile +49 173 678 0808



John Erik Toft – THE KNOT


Danish, born in 02/1971, Living in Bremen, Germany, married, father of two.


Educated as a Productionmanager in Textiles, working as a Recycler since 1994.

He travels the whole world since his childhood.

John is specialized in recycling plastics, knowledge of materials from basics polyolefins to highly technical materials, from Monomer to Polymer and back, Consulting (Restructurizing of Facilities, Building of Companies), Analyzing and Strategics, Development and Networking, finding of solutions and construction of systems for purchase and sales. The Knot.


Since 2022, he takes care on solutions for implementation on sustainability-projects and renewing energies, too.



Industriestrasse 20

28199 Bremen, Germany

Mobile +49 173 678 0808



Stratos Morkotinis 

Greek, born in 1982, born in Thessaloniki, living in Athens, Greece. Passionate for recycling and how things work.


Graduated as mechanical engineer, came into recycling directly from the University in 2010.


Runs the system and his company in Greece, in Cyprus and in the neighboring countries.


Stratos is specialized in sourcing, opening markets, documentation and materials knowledge.

Sinika Ltd, Cyprus

Stasandrou 7, floor 1, flat/office 101
1060 Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel: +30 6979827165


WhatsApp Image 2023-03-14 at 12.10.26.jpeg

Skyplast LTD, Greece

Megara Industrial Area

19100 Attiki, Greec


Borislav Asenov

Bulgarian, born in 07/67, Living in Ruse, Bulgaria, married,
father of one.


Educated as a professional Sportler, a Wrestler, working
as a Recycler since 2007.

Runs the System in the former Russian countries and Bulgaria, owner of the company JRM.


Bobislav is specialized in opening markets, sourcing, customer relations and the inspections for purchase and sales of materials.

JRM Ltd.

51 Borisova Str. Ent.A, Fl.2

7012 Ruse, Bulgaria

Mobile +35 9887 762 337


Claude Giorgio

Claude, father of four, active in the business of recycling since 2011 and well connected throughout France and Italy started to work with John in Jan. 2012.

Sovalo Trade & Projects
Mobile +33 660 46 99 18


Daniel Li 

Daniel, born Hongkongnese, married, with two children is a studied Engineer.


He left Hongkong in the 90s and started a company for the recycling and trading of plastics.


He is an achieved specialist in materials-knowledge and international trading.


He is shareholder to factories in Malaysia and Romania plus a trading house and a Rose-Water-production in Bulgaria.

Bearlight Industrial Co. Ltd.

Room 1601, Sunbeam Plaza,
1155 Canton Road, Mongkok, HongKong

Mobile +852 23 081 217       


Brilliant Touch
International NV

Pierre VanderBiestlaan 52,
1150 Brussels, Belgium

Mob. +32 484 905 421


Lian JingEr 

Jing Er, our youngster, living in Thailand and Singapore, comming from a family of plastic-recyclers and bag-producers, cares for our position in the south-east-asian
markets and the trade of high-quality articles to the american and far-eastern markets.

JL Pack Solutions Pte Ltd

2 Woodlands Sector 1 #03-31

Woodlands Spectrum 1

Singapore 738068


Mobile +65 8328 2271


Hercules Incorporate

Corporate: 315 Main Street • Eclectic, AL 36024

Branch: 11945 North Freeway, Suite 200
Houston, TX 77060

O: 334‑541‑3525

D: 334-541-3525


Philipp Ernsting

I am Philipp, marketing & communication expert and business trainer. I have been working in the communications industry for over 20 years and as a business trainer (BDVT certified) for almost eight years. 


As a communications consultant, my focus is on brand strategy, positioning as well as readjusting brands. The communicative space plays no role in this. Whether offline, online or social media, the task is always to connect a brand or a product with the relevant target group. I think of communication holistically. Only in this way can it be successful. 


I am co-founder and managing director of the advertising agency BirdslikeBuddha and partner of the sales agency Waterkant. 


Industriestrasse 20

28199 Bremen, Germany

Mobile +49 177 31233 73



Birds like Buddha

Schopenstehl 15
20095 Hamburg
T +49 (0)40 999 966-291


Mobile +49 177 31233 73


birds_like_buddah_zweizeilig_logo Kopie.png

Parry Pan 

Parry is chinese and polish resident. He is married and
father of a very young gentleman.


Parry is a specialist in WEEE-plastics and handles all the
work of our system in China.


Additionally, he is shareholder of a trading house in
Bulgaria and a factory in Romania.


ul.wenus 51/321,
05-509 Jozefoslaw


Mobile +86 13928908336
Mobile +48 794568888
WeChat: shuzipan


Philippe Nauwelaers


Belgian, born in 1971 near Antwerp.  Father of three daughters and eternal musician.


Graduated as a Master in Applied Economics at the University of Antwerp in 1994, he was already in the world of recycling since the day he was born. He started in waste paper but plastics followed soon.


Phil is specialized in international business, sourcing, commercial long-term relations and materials knowledge.

Recyfin International NV/SA

Zandstraat 11b1

2980 Zoersel



Mobile/Wechat/Whatsapp: +32 473 38 55 33


Sorin Paduraru 

Romanian, born 10/84, Living in Bucharest.


Educated as a trader and recycler for metals,
papers and plastics.


Sorin has built his own company from the scratch
and runs it successful since many, many years.


He runs the system and his company in Romania
and the neighbouring countries, travels whole Europe.


He is shareholder to one sorting- and one extruding
company, too.

Otodix Bucharest

Strada Ciprian Porumbescu Nr.9
Ploiesti, Prahova, 


Mobile +40 371 197 415


Viviana Tizzani


Italian, always young, Living in Connegliano, Italy,
married, mum of twin-girls.


Educated in Munich, working as a Recycler since 1998.


Part of the system in Italy, very well connected in the Alps
and the Netherlands.


Viviana is owner of Fi.Pla. and specialist in trading,
sourcing and back-up-infos.

Fiplas Italy

FI.PLA. Sas di Zambon Ivan & C.

Strada delle Cesure 40

31015 Conegliano (TV), Italia

Mobile +39 335 5310 207

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