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The European Union changed the transboundary shipment of waste regulations

And hello, again.

Today, we had a very interesting talk to a business-friend of ours, who works for an international company that sorts technical plastics … they have a huge and super modern facility and it works close to perfect. Well, we'd better say "it did work close to perfect".

The European Union had changed its laws and regulations regarding the transboundary shipment of waste. And is had changed its laws and regulations of what is considered waste. But obviously not before talking to people that know about our business in the EU. Now, some governments call it a good material for recycling if it refers to regulation A, the next one to B and the next one as a not at all - stuff. And the best is; no one gives you a document with a clear definition.

A German authority quoted it with "the importing country has to say if they want it". A Dutch authority said "if your laws say it is good, then it is." Another Dutch one said "no way, you need to talk to us, first." A danish one said it is good material, the crossed region of Germany said "if the Danes say so, we follow" and then the importer in Belgium had trouble as the materials were considered to contain "too many impurities"…

Now let us get back to our friend … he is chief in charge for the processing and the purchase, a typical plant-Manager. And he can not fill his lines, even though he is needed. His suppliers need him. His clients need him. The market needs him. His machines are designed and built for the materials he always took in. But his customs said "now only with a notification…". I am sorry, but what is this EU for ?

As per my understandings - and I must repeat; I am not a trader, i have no clue of docs etc and do not even have an interest in them as I talk plastics, nothing else - the EU is the next step of Europe. If we are all equal in rights and legislations, then a transport from Kopenhagen to Odense must have the same rights as a transport from Paris to Marseille, from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, Hamburg to Munich or Oslo to Lisboa and Warsaw to Venice.

Are we all same, do we all follow the same rights and regulations ?

What is this behavior ? We need to settle the problem with the point of view! We work with plastics-waste. We are providers of solutions. We spend our time and money on our jobs with the waste. Without us, there is no solution. It is not us to blame, it is the people that consume too much and that waste too much.

We are the solution, not the problem.

The EU needs to understand. I wish you all a nice weekend and a great last

week of march,

Yours, John

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