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TheKnot says "Hello and welcome"

Hello and welcome to our Blog, dear visitor. I would like to show you something. This here is my lunchbox. Not even a branded one, just a cheap one.

When I was 20, I had just passed my exams from school and due to the fact that I took the decision not to go to a university - against all the wishes of my parents - and to go back to Denmark (my family used to live in Germany those days) my little brother, with whom I share a very strong relation, had bought this lunchbox to me. Inside was a letter and some chocolate (I do still eat chocolate every single day, no joke).

Why I tell you this ?

I am 51, now. I did never, ever buy another lunchbox in my entire life. I used it as often as I had lunch with me - by far not every day, as I love restaurants too much, but pretty often. It was in the dishwasher, it was in rivers, lakes and three oceans. In hot and cold areas and waters. The box is made of PP and it is sealed with a TPE-rope glued at the inside of the lid. There are no metal-parts. The box is still with me and works like on the first day.

Is it the plastic that destroys our planet ? Or is it missing empathy. Is it missing education, missing socialization ? If you ask me, it is not the plastics. It is the missing understanding of the people. We need to make them understand that plastic is an opportunity IF WE USE IT FOR WHAT IT IS. No other material has such a wide range of possibilities. We human need to use plastic as per its purpose and we need to take care on it - not more or less than with anything else we use.

Then, plastic is not a problem.

Greets, John

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