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Recycling Consulting

TheKnot Recycling Consulting, founded in 2017 by John E.Toft as a result of the growing amount of requests about the strategical and practical evolution of the recycling of plastics after the downfall of China. 

We are like a constantly activated ThinkTank. We believe that Plastics are a fortune, not a bad part of the existing world. We establish systems to avoid wasting it. We establish and define projects on recycling, we figure out how to help recyclers and communities, we find solutions on how to sort, prepare or extrude plastics. We help building circular solutions on plastics.

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We figure out how to achieve recommended specs at recycled plastics. We make recipes for additives.

We clarify how to compound.
We assist on testing or we simply check on how to improve qualities, in sorting lines, in communities or even at global players.  And, and this is the best, we listen to what we get told, we learn about what we heard, we come back
and work on it and if possible, 

we provide solutions for all those that are interested in renewables, in recycling, in circular behalfs. We find solutions on input or output, on streams or on required product-specs. Worldwide.

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