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TheKnot Projects

BlueFuture - Water is a fundamental right. 

The refugee crisis in 2015 was a decisive reason for Blue Future to found their
project. Poverty and illegal wars are the main reasons for migration to Europe.
Water is a commodity that can be used to live independently. Many refugees
lack this. 


Blue Future invests in water stations in Tanzania, which give the local population access to clean drinking water and at the same time create jobs. In this way, local people are independent and can live and work in a self-determined way.


TheKnot is happy to support this project and the people behind it.


A Cradle-to-Cradle way for a better future

How about building structures or selling products just to do good with them? This is exactly the approach of ICC and that's why we support the makers.  All ICC products are made from recycled materials or from sustainable solutions that were built just to make life better. 
Because ICC sees itself as part of the "cradle-to cradle" economy. 

The income from the stylish recycled products is used to fight the causes of emigration . How? Quite simply: ICC invests in plastic recycling solutions in Africa and creates jobs and a future with the local people. 
Through production and sales of products made from recycled plastic, value is added, enabling people to earn their own living independently This is what we call "fighting the causes of leaving your home-place".


And we at theKnot not only consult ICC on recycling, we support them with a large network of experts - on site and in the in the middle. This, because we believe that a sustainable circular economy is the only way in order to save planet earth and our social structures. /

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